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Oxford Homeless Pathways

At Starbuck & James, we're trying to do our bit to help the homeless throughout Oxford and the rest of the County. To this end, we have partnered with the charity Oxford Homeless Pathways (OxHoP) and will be donating 10% of our fee for every Brainstorm we carry out. Thats not just this week or this month, but a commitment to continue to donate from every Brainstorm from now on.

For more information on Oxford Homeless Pathways, please visit


If you are unfamiliar with the process of working with an architect or designer or are simply unsure of how to get started on your project, our Brainstorming service is a great way to begin.

A small, fixed fee service allows you a few hours of architectural creativity to help you clarify your options and realize the potential of your property. An experienced designer will come to you to assess your property and talk about what you would like to achieve.

During your Brainstorming session, the designer will use their creative expertise to turn your ideas into initial architectural concepts and schematics which are yours to keep after the session.

This is also an ideal way to establish the potential of a property prior to purchase.

Please contact us if you would like further information.